February 15, 2017

How to Make a Simple Photo/Wood Plaque

Each year for Valentine's day I make my husband some sort of photo gift of the kids and myself for his office.  Some years I've been more simple sending him a collaged picture.  One time I had the kids paint some triangles to add to a mat for a frame. One year I made "super hero cards". Some years I've painted a hand and put a picture with it.  Last year I think I just took a photo and put it in a frame.

This year I wanted to try something new.  I bounced around a couple of ideas using photos and canvases or construction paper...finally I settled on photos on wood!

This was one of those rare super simple projects that was very fast, yet turned out so cute!

1. A piece of wood, mine was about 12 1/2 inches long.  The wood I used was left-over from another project, so it was already stained and sanded.
2. One frame hanger
3. Two photos with the words "We" and "You!" added on.
4. Mod Podge
5. Red paint

STEP ONE:  Measure your wood and nail in the frame hanger.

STEP TWO: Print off pictures with "We" and "You!" printed on them.
Gather supplies.

STEP THREE: Mod Podge the back of each photo and center them on the wood.  
Use one thin layer.

STEP FOUR: Paint on a red heart.  I did two layers so make it nice and thick.  Let the project dry about an hour.

STEP FIVE:  Once your heart is dry, add mod podge across the entire project.  
I added two thin layers.  Let project dry with about 10 minutes between coats.

All done!  Hang it on your wall!

This project was so cute and so fast.  

My husband loved it.  When he got it he promptly hung it in his office at work and took a picture to show me.

Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's day!

February 3, 2017

Christmas PJs!

Every year we give our kids Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve.  It's such a fun little tradition that we all look forward to every year.  I go back and forth each year whether to sew the PJs or buy them.  This year I asked the kids which they would prefer-- of course they said they wanted me to sew them.

In an effort to simplify I decided to do one fabric for all of the kids.  I could barely squeeze these five PJs out of the four yards, but I did it, with a little creative cutting!

For the big kids I sewed up one of my all-time favorite (free) patterns, the Oliver + S's Sunny Day Shorts-- extended to pants length.  For baby I sewed up the Lullaby Layette pants in size 12 months.  They each fit perfectly!

I was going to applique something cute on the shirts, but in typical Christmas season sewing fashion--- I ran out of time.  But they loved the PJs and were non-the wiser.

The kids really love matching!  And this minky fabric is so soft, the kids love it!

Merry Christmas Eve, little sweeties!!

February 2, 2017

Another Building Block Dress

I feel like the unofficial spokesman for Oliver + S.  These lovely sewing patterns seems to take the majority of my blog posts as late.  But what can I say...I love their patterns and it is becoming almost all I sew now days.

So, this little girl went and turned one year older and wiser, too.  It's hard to believe!

Wasn't it just yesterday I had sewn her this dress and this dress for her birthday?

This year I decided for her birthday dress I would start with the building block dress and then take elements of the fairy tale dress that I liked...mix them all together and make...this dress!

I did a biased face neckline, long cap sleeves, I put it darts (a little too long-- I wish I would have made them shorter), I did three box pleats in the front for the skirt, made some gold piping and added this lovely gold bias-tape to the hem of the skirt.  The dress is also fully lined with an invisible zipper in the back.

It turned out pretty darn cute.

Here she is with sister.  I did not sew sister's dress...but I totally could with the building block dress pattern.  

Happy Birthday, my dear, sweet, feisty girl.  We love you!!

December 20, 2016

Our Christmas Cards 2016

PHEW-- we did it-- number one on my long list of to-dos this month.  
We got our Christmas cards, ordered, addressed, and out the door to family and friends.  

As previously mentioned I collaborated with Pear Tree this year for our Christmas cards.  Picking Pear Tree to do our Christmas cards with was the easy part...narrowing down which card to choose...that's always the hard part.  But with some effort, we finally picked a wonderful card.

Here's what we choose! And I gotta say, I really love them!

We customized this design and love the way they turned out!
I super love that they have a spot on the back for type!  I usually want to say a little something about our family and to do it right there on the back is the BEST!
(Names below smugged out.)

I tried my hand at a little hand addressing this year. It could definitely use some work, but it was fun!  I only managed about eight hand addressed cards.  Maybe next year I'll be ambitious and try them all!...maybe...

** This post was sponsored by Pear Tree, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.**

December 15, 2016

Picking a Christmas Card with Pear Tree

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you're finding time to get those 1 million things done!  That's how I feel.  I always try to start early, but then somehow find myself volunteering for a tons of activities, not to mention choosing to add on top of my list lots of fun sewing projects-- that I never had time for.  
It's a lovely, busy time of year, for sure.

And, of course, the thing on top of my list is picking out and sending Christmas Cards! 
 I love doing this every year.

This year I teamed up with Pear Tree again to give some good ideas on some adorable holiday cards.

Check these out!

I love the simple look of a nice, beautiful picture with simple script on top.

Photo Paper Mixed Font Vertical Greeting -- Holiday Photo Cards

They have a lot of cards in unique shapes that look so great.
Stripes And Snowflakes Circle Magnet -- Holiday Photo Cards

And, of course, gold adds such a sparkle to any card.
Golden Greeting Slider -- Premium Christmas Cards

And I really love the big cards that can really showcase a beautiful picture.  How great is this one?

Great Big Greeting -- Holiday Photo Cards

There are a lot of things I really love about Pear Tree.  #1 they have really unique and beautifully designed cards.  #2 their quality of card is unmatched, not only are they printed on beautiful, thick card stock, but the quality of photo is so clear and beautiful.  #3 they're really affordable!  For such nice cards, you really can't find a better price.

** I was compensated by Pear Tree for this post.  But I reached out to them to work with their company, because I really love their products.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.**

October 5, 2016

How to Make a Simple BYU Shirt

So, if you've been reading this blog for a while you know I Love making BYU shirts for my kids.  

Usually my go-to way of making shirts is Freezer paper and Fabric paint-- which I love to do.  It's super easy and  looks great. It just requires a lot of time-- for drying. 

A couple weeks  ago it was time again for new BYU shirts for the ever-growing kids, but this time I decided to incorporate my favorite outlet-- Sewing! 

 This way of making shirts look really great and Bonus you don't have to wait for paint to dry so it's really quick!

Here's how to make your own:

1. Heat 'n Bond adhesive
2. Print out of Y logo
3.  Fabric, for background and Y
4. Iron
5. Sewing notions
6. Blue T-shirts. (I usually grab cheap ones and stock up)

STEP ONE: Gather materials.
I used ribbing fabric for the white which looks great.

STEP TWO:  Cut out fabric and Heat 'n Bond paper to size of Y's. 
Trace the ovals and Ys onto the smooth side of the Heat 'N Bond paper. 
ATTENTION: Make sure your Y is backwards when tracing. 
This will ensure it's the right direction when you're all done.

STEP THREE: Iron bumpy side of heat 'n bond onto the wrong side of each  fabric.

STEP FOUR: Once all ironed, cut each oval and Y out.
Peal off backing of ovals.

STEP FIVE: Iron oval in place on shirt. 
Remove Y backing paper and iron white Y in place on the oval.

STEP SIX: To hold everything in place stitch following the edges of the Y and the oval.
Make sure to pick coordinating thread.

 All done and ready to wear!

Ready to go and support those Cougars!

September 26, 2016

Designing With the Building Block Dress

It was my girl's birthday a few days ago.  About a month ago I asked her if she'd be interested in designing her own dress and I would make it for her.

  I told her she could draw whatever she liked and I would sew it.

With the tools the building block dress book offers, this really is an option.

Here's the dress she drew. I was worried about mixing a chevron print with polka-dots.  But a quick trip to Jo-Anns and I found two fabrics that worked out really well. 

And here we are!
The changes I made from the original building block dress really weren't that much.

I added piping to the bottom of the bodice.

I took two inches off the bodice and added about 4 inches to the bottom of the skirt.

I added lengthened the sleeves, since she designed a 3/4 sleeve.  
She wanted the sleeves to come just past the elbow.

I added a lining to just the skirt so it would be more bouncy.

And that's her dress!

She loved it!  She thought it was so fun to see the dress that she designed come to life.

This darling dress really encourages skipping. 

She just looks so darling in her new-- self-designed building block dress.